Your Windshield may Kill You

Auto glass replacement is high on the repair list in accidents. According to the I-CAR Reference Manual, unibody vehicles are engineered to protect passengers during crashes, i.e. passenger safety is the key element in automobile design. Note how the windshield remains in place, and the roof of the vehicle absorbs (more…)
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A flea on an elephant’s back

Disaster Masters Logo After Hurricane Sandy Ron Alford (aged 73), an expert in crisis management, decided to come out of retirement to do something about the massive ignorance and intimidation consumers endure with most all property insurance issues and disaster recovery problems. Alford has personally managed over 13,000 insurance related (more…)
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9 Facts about Insurance

Spot your insurance agent? Fact 1. Insurance is commission driven. Agents cannot earn commissions by teaching you the odds of unwanted things happening or how to manage a crisis. The livelihood of insurance agents depends solely on how much premium they can generate, not by how much they educate you. (more…)
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Is Geico’s Gecko out to get you?

The true business of The GRIEF INDUSTRY (aka insurance) is The Claim Game. The “Grief Industry” clearly defines the business of insurance and the gamut of the products they sell   to consumers. To win in The CLAIM GAME, you have to lose.  Lose your car, your house, your property, your arm, (more…)
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Prepare for Winter Driving

Statistically, driving a vehicle is the most dangerous thing most people do. Few people ever think about preparing for an accident until after they have been involved in one. Without recovery plans, any accident becomes a time-consuming, frustrating event. With a little planning, you can minimize the effects of an (more…)
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